Photo participation activity

Private customer

Feel free to send us a photo (or several) of you wearing or otherwise using one of our products (for example an enamel collector's cup while having breakfast).

If we like it and publish it in our catalog, we will reward it with a voucher of €25.

Feel free to write us a comment about the photos or a short story about the Camino.


If you offer products or services that fit the topic of the Way of St. James, but are not a direct competitor, we will reward a published photo with a link on the corresponding catalog page and a blog entry on our partner site.

The photo should show one of our products along with something from your company. For example: you sell backpacks and send us a photo of a hiker wearing one of our T-shirts with the backpack on his back.

In addition to the photo, you can also send a short description of your company.


By sending the photos, you give us the right to publish the photos on our website and for advertising purposes.

Write to us whether you agree to our name being mentioned.
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