Braighausen Town Hall - scale 1:20

Braighausen town hall
on a scale of 1:20

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The Braighausen town hall is delivered fully assembled and painted. The construction instructions show the complete structure of the house in detail.

“VIGINTI” means 20 in Latin

The house is manufactured by Viginti UG (limited liability).
All models manufactured by Viginti are exactly 1:20 scale.
The human figures and many animals from Schleich and numerous toy figures from other manufacturers have this scale.

Model railway
In the USA there is the model railway size Fn3 in a scale of 1:20.32. Many old railroads in North America had a gauge of 1 yard, which is 3 feet, 36 inches, or 914 mm.
The tracks of most garden railways have a track width of 45 mm. This results in a scale of 1:20.32 for the 3 foot tracks.

Many narrow-gauge trains and trams in Germany had a 1 meter gauge. On the 45 mm tracks, the scale is 1:22.5, which has become widely used by the Lehmann Bahn (LGB = Lehmann Groß Bahn or Lehmann Garten Bahn).

The Braighausen town hall
The Braighausen town hall on a scale of 1:20 is modeled on the large model in the barn in Bartholomä. The fairytale village setting was designed and built by the artist and toy designer Helmut Braig . Only the front is shown in the backdrop. Karl Aldinger developed it into a complete house.

Due to the delicate components, the model house is not suitable as a children's toy. It is intended as a collectible item for adults and can also be installed on a garden railway. The plastic is UV-resistant and the house is sealed so that no animals can nest there.

The small town hall is made of ASA plastic , which is UV-resistant, stable and completely non-toxic. The production takes place using injection molding, like Lego or Playmobil. The windows are glazed with polycarbonate panels. Some parts such as the door handle, the tower top and the hinge bolts are made of turned brass. Some special parts such as the signs above the door and the roof boards are hand painted.

The door can be closed true to the original with the door handle, the window shutters can be opened and closed, the cellar hatch can be opened, the cat door can also be opened, even the small starling box is equipped with a tiny perch. The bell in the turret can be moved in a true-to-life bell yoke

The modeling of the external facades is carried out pictorially, so that even blind people can discover interesting things. On the left is the model of Otto Frick's stone bench . The model can be discovered on the hiking trail to the observation tower on the Luhden cliffs near Rinteln in the Weserbergland. It was built in honor of the educator, theologian and philologist Otto Frick in the 19th century.

Video path to the cliff tower. Stone bench at minute 10:50.

Assembling and painting a house requires approximately 10 hours of professional manual labor!

The right side of the house can be opened so that it can be used as a dollhouse. Additional parts such as a fireplace and furniture are planned for the future.

Heraldic eagle

Paint heraldic eagle

Arched window structure